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Welcome to Yar Golf 2013

Gerri Jordan President of Yar Golf

A message from the President of Yar Golf: Gerri Jordan

Yar Golf was founded under the Principle belief that as we aspire to ascertain chronologically gifted status,
we also will have to acknowledge our own marginalized physical capabilities.

As I pondered my own limitations, an arthritic Hip, and my fellow Baby Boomer Golfers, bad backs, ankles, knees etc.
I could not stop my reminiscing, "now that we have the time and the pecuniary resources to enjoy golf every day, our bodies are not up to it".
Boy was I angry, but no matter what my Physician prescribed, my pain was prevalent, my frustration grew, my Golf Game worsened, therefore it was not a pleasurable experience.

I eventually crossed paths with a person as intelligent as a PhD, with a decidedly diverse background. She asked me if I had knowledge of Ergogenic Science, I responded that Popular Science was the only magazine I ever read, she laughed hard. I queried,
What is Ergogenic Science?
In simple laypersons terms "An ergogenic product is any substance or mechanical device that is used with the intention of improving athletic performance. In particular, ergogenic products include anything employed to increase the body's ability to produce energy or to speed the recovery of its systems from physical activity. An ergogenic aid is one designed to create a competitive advantage for an athlete.
At that time, the information was scant, and most data had to do with supplements, nothing in the Golfing milieu, this Scientific approached pique my interest. After a few months of searching and finding dead ends, I contacted her, and inquired could Ergogenic Science be assimilated in to Golf equipment, Yes,
From that moment on, I quit thinking about my frustration on the Links, and with her, assistance started utilizing the various Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Visual Perception information available, and turned it towards my passion, Golf.
Armed with this innovative paradigm, Yar Golf was born!!! The Rest as they say is History...

As an avid golfer for over 40 Years, I have seen a lot of fad equipment come and go.
Remember the alien wedge? I purchased one - didn't work for me.
So on to the Yar GX1 Putter.
The criterion to the Lead Engineer for the GX1 and GX1-WB Putters were simple.
It has to putt, better than anything on the market today.
I want Science not Sci-Fiction.
Show me something unique, which is truly useful.
It must be able to help and assist Golfers with physical limitation.
Make it in America
Every GX1 Putter sold has one major component in common; they all start with a Client and a Custom Fitting. Therefore, whether you are purchasing it over the Internet or an Authorized Yar Golf Fitting Dealer, You are our Central Focus.

My initial is on every Putter, I am the G in the GX1. The X was utilized from NASA's X Flight Program, and the Number 1 is you our Clients. Thank you for Stopping in.

At Yar Golf, we believe Charity begins at the Heart... Please call us if you are having a Golfing Charity Event. We also provide Special Discounts for Active and Retired Military, as well as Fire Department and Law Enforcement Personnel.
Thank You for keeping us Safeā€¦